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Readings with Nancy Hickman


Through her intuitive psychic connection, Nancy will guide you on how to improve your life. The direction of the session is based on your goals and what you would like to know about your life.

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Energy Healing with Nancy Hickman

Energy Healing

As much as you are a person with a physical body, you also have a spirit within that body. Your spirit needs care and maintenance in the same way your body does.

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Astrology Inner Light and Wisdom


Astrology can be used to give you a diagram or map of your life based on the date and time of your birth, location of your birth and the alignment of the planets with the zodiac at that time.

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"I have had a few readings from Nancy. She is highly intuitive and it was a very positive experience for me. The information gave me clarity and direction on how to overcome many personal challenges I was struggling with. I’m excited about upcoming events I gained insight about."
N. Lomangino, New York